Michael Gibbons Obituary Know What Happened To Michael Gibbons?

Michael Gibbons was an esteemed community leader and decorated war veteran who made South Sudbury, Massachusetts his home since June 8th 1924. Cherished by family, respected by friends, his life reflected both service and sacrifice for family, country and life itself. On October 15, 2019 Michael passed away after living 94 years. His legacy remains that much dearer.

What Were Michael’s Early Years Like?

Michael spent much of his childhood exploring New England’s scenic coast and sailing, which soon turned into his passion along with that of his brother John’s boat-building endeavors – both activities contributing significantly to Michael and John’s creativity and bond. Michael’s move with his family to Kirkwood in 1941 brought about new changes; ultimately leading up to graduation from Kirkwood High School two years later.

How Did Michael Serve His Country?

Michael displayed great patriotism when he joined the U.S. Army during World War II to serve his nation during a time of worldwide uncertainty and conflict. His service took him throughout Europe – France, Belgium and Germany in particular; notably he bravely participated in the Battle of the Bulge where his courage and sacrifice earned him recognition with being wounded on March 1, 1945 and awarded with a Purple Heart medal.

What Was Michael’s Post-WWI Life Like?

Michael returned home after World War II and took pleasure in living his hometown, Kirkwood. Dedicated to learning and community service, Michael studied further at Washington University and St Louis University School of Law; these accomplishments stand as testaments of a life dedicated to scholarship and service.

What Was Michael’s Impact in His Community?

Michael made many contributions to Kirkwood. Not only was he an invaluable member of his community, he also was active in local affairs – something no other citizen in Kirkwood could match his commitment. Michael earned himself the utmost respect from fellow residents due to his unwavering commitment and devotion for serving those within it. This testament speaks volumes for who Michael truly was as an individual.

Who Was Michael As a Family Man?

Michael Gibbons was an incredible example of strength and love within the family unit. Married to Folsta Sara Gibbons who passed away before him, Michael was an attentive husband, father, grandfather. His deep commitment was evident everywhere: from son Michael and Edie as children through grandchildren and great-grandchildren he cared deeply about each member of his extended family.

Which Impact Has Michael Had on His Surroundings?

Michael had a profound effect on those he encountered. More than just being friends, Michael provided mentorship, guidance and unflagging support – impacting lives beyond his immediate circle and touching lives throughout the community.

What Were Michael’s Interests and Passions?

Michael had many interests. Sailing was one of his great loves in life and represented both freedom and adventure for him, while academic pursuits and legal careers revealed an acute intellect committed to justice.

How Is Michael Being Remembered Within His Community?

Michael was honored through two services held to pay our respects: one on October 22 at Grace Episcopal Church (which holds special meaning for him and his family), with visitations taking place the day prior at BOPP Chapel Kirkwood to allow members of his community to pay our respects and pay our last respects before celebrating his life together.

What Charitable Dons May We Make in Michael’s Memory?

Michael was passionate about community service, so in lieu of sending flowers his family asked that donations go toward organizations dear to his heart: Grace Church, Kirkwood Kiwanis Club and Kirkwood YMCA are organizations reflecting his dedication and willingness to make an impactful contribution in Kirkwood and beyond.

How Will Michael Be Remembered?

Michael will always be remembered fondly in our community as an outstanding family man and community servant whose legacy of courage, love and selflessness will live on through us all. While mourning his loss we also celebrate his extraordinary life which touched so many.

Michael Gibbons marked both an end and celebration with his life – one filled with purpose, love, and dedication that left an extraordinary legacy that will live on through generations to come. From serving bravely in war to his community involvement and family life – every part of Michael Gibbons life had meaning; from serving on active duty overseas to community involvement to loving family life and loving family relationships he lived life to its fullest. Michael continues to guide those he leaves behind as his memory lives on with them ensuring his legacy lives on forever more.

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