Landon Lee Johnson Obituary Know What Happened To Landon Lee Johnson?

Landon Lee Johnson was an incredible young individual – born August 8th 2006 he had just started Cleveland High School senior year when tragedy struck on September 17th 2023 and left an indelible mark on everyone who knew and loved him. Landon’s tragic and sudden demise has caused immense grieving across family, friends, and his community.

What Were Landon’s Aspirations and Dreams?

Landon wasn’t simply an ordinary student – he was an extraordinary young man with aspirations that reached far beyond the walls of his high school. With graduation on his mind and plans in motion to continue his education at either App State or NC State College for fall term studies looming large, his ambition and enthusiasm were an source of great hope and motivation amongst his classmates and acquaintances alike.

How Did Landon Spend His Free Time?

Landon lived a diverse and full life filled with hobbies and interests he enjoyed immensely, such as racing cars with his Papa for pure joy, hunting with his step-dad and brothers, fishing/golfing/playing ball/skiing four wheelers/revelating in being dirty (everyone’s idea of fun!), skiing/riding four-wheelers — these activities all showcased Landon’s zest for life as an outdoor enthusiast!

What Were Landon’s Favourite Foods?

As is typical for young adults, Landon enjoyed his culinary indulgences: Cookout, Bojangles and Zaxbys were his go-to establishments; his fondness for ice cream, milkshakes and Trolli Worms was well known by friends and family – these simple pleasures added joyous memories into Landon’s life – both personally as well as to those around him.

How Strong Was Landon’s Spiritual Connection?

Landon had an active spiritual life that transcended his physical pursuits. His devotion and faith in the Lord were fundamental parts of who he was as an individual, making his journey one that showcased both his character and belief in something greater than himself.

What Are the Specifics of Landon’s Celebration of Life?

At Cross Point Community Church located at 1001 Steeple Square Court Knightdale. A service will take place to honor Landon’s memory by commemorating both his life and love he brought into this world. We invite anyone wishing to attend. Join us from 1 pm for this celebration of Landon.

Where Will Landon Be Laid to Rest?

As part of his memorial service, Landon will be laid to rest at Pinecrest Memorial Park located at 12830 US 70 Business HWY W, Clayton. Here will be an opportunity for all who wish to remember his extraordinary young life to pay their respects and remember this extraordinary individual.

When will Friends and Relatives Visit My Family?

Before the service at 12:30, from 11:00 to 12:30 am, Landon’s family and friends will come together at church from 11 am-12:30 pm for an opportunity to come together, share stories about him, and comfort each other through this difficult time of mourning.

Who Are Landon’s Departed Family Members?

Landon Miller leaves behind his loving family members including his mother Amanda Miller of Zebulon and step-father Christopher of Zebulon; father Barry Henderson from Mebane; grandparents; Hayden Peacock, Skyler Miller and Elijah Miller will especially feel their loss while extended relatives such as aunts uncles cousins and friends mourn as well.

What Will be Landon’s Legacy?

Landon had an extraordinary impact in his short lifetime here on earth, leaving behind not just memories but an extraordinary example for others to follow in terms of spiritual faith, close family ties, and enthusiasm for living – these will continue to motivate those who knew him in years to come.

Landon Lee Johnson lived a brief yet profoundly impactful 17 years on this Earth. Through activities he loved or his dreams, as well as through being loved, spirited, and faithful young man – his loved ones will remember not just these activities or dreams but rather keep his spirit alive by honoring his memory in their hearts and actions for years afterward.

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