Kelly Mason Obituary What Happened To Kelly Mason?

Kelly Mason was featured as part of Season 7 of “My 600-Lb Life,” and made an incredible journey on that show through hardship and determination. Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina she faced an enormous obstacle by the age of 41 weighing over 700 pounds; thus allowing herself to gain control over their lives again by means of weight loss alone. Kelly faced her weight issues head-on as the show revealed how weight was just part of it all for her journey on that show: it also allowed her to face her demons head on as part of weight loss success: conquered demons by fighting weight off while simultaneously conquering her demons by means of weight loss alone allowing her life back under her own control allowing for full reign over herself regaining full control.

What Prompted Kelly to Seek Help on the Show?

Kelly struggled with an eating addiction throughout her life and often sought solace from food as an outlet, particularly during times when life seemed overwhelming. Unfortunately, this harmful coping mechanism only worsened her condition further and eventually lead to critical health scares like hospitalization for shortness of breath and congestive heart failure before appearing on “My 600-Lb Life.” At that moment of immobility Kelly decided to seek assistance from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (Dr. Now), one of the renowned bariatric surgeons featured on “My 600-Lb Life.”

How Did Dr. Now Assist Kelly In Her Weight Loss Journey?

Dr. Nowzaradan was clear from the outset: weight loss would be essential to Kelly’s survival and would require immediate action from her to take. Kelly demonstrated her determination and hard work throughout this series by losing an incredible 325-pounds within 12 weeks following Dr. Now’s program; independently losing 220 pounds plus 100 with surgery alone!

What Are Kelly’s Primary Challenges?

Kelly faced numerous hurdles on her weight-loss journey. Not only was it challenging, but Kelly also battled various health conditions such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, thyroid problems, blood clot in leg, pulmonary embolism and severe heart conditions – not all of which only created additional difficulties on this path but posed serious threats to her life as well.

What Happened to Kelly Mason After Her Surgery?

Kelly’s story took an unfortunate and heartbreaking turn when, despite making extraordinary progress and losing weight, she faced the ultimate test – living a healthier lifestyle for longer. Unfortunately, in February 2019, just days shy of 42, Kelly died peacefully of cardiac arrest while asleep; Dr. Now was deeply moved by this incident as it reminded him about how obesity’s severe impacts can manifest themselves physically as her death did not involve returning to old habits but due to cumulative damage from having carried such weight in previous life.

What Impact Did Kelly’s Story Have on the Show and Its Viewers?

Kelly Mason made an indelible mark on “My 600-Lb Life” and its audience. Her journey, against all odds, inspired many. Fans and cast members mourned her passing with great sympathy; Kelly’s funeral received widespread love from show fans; it also served as an important reminder that those suffering similar health conditions should seek assistance as soon as possible; Kelly is not remembered simply for her struggles but also as someone who inspired hope in others through courage and strength.

How Can Kelly’s Legacy Encourage Others Battling Obesity?

Kelly’s journey, though tragically cut short, continues to serve as an inspirational beacon for those fighting obesity. Her story underscores the necessity of seeking professional assistance and changing one’s ways no matter how daunting their current state might seem; furthermore it serves as a call-to-action for individuals taking charge of their health while showing the power of human willpower when facing obstacles head-on.

Kelly Mason’s powerful story on “My 600-Lb Life” serves as an inspiring testament of human resilience and determination, even after her life had come to an early close. Although Kelly passed away far too soon, the lessons from her journey continue to resonate deeply within many. Kelly stands as an inspiring beacon of hope to those experiencing similar issues, helping motivate them toward healthier lifestyle choices and journey.

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