Bill Granger Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wife, Children, Cause Of Death & More

Bill Granger was an internationally acclaimed celebrity chef, author, and restaurateur from Australia known for his innovative culinary creations and celebrated breakfast specialties he dubbed as the ‘King of Breakfast”. Unfortunately he passed away at 54 on Boxing Day 2023, leaving a significant void in the culinary world and leaving many inspired by his journey from self-taught cook to international culinary icon. This article explores Bill’s life by looking into his family life, career history and legacy that he left behind.

Who Was Bill Granger?

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Bill Granger was an award-winning, self-taught chef who used his passion for food to become a global restaurateur and celebrated food writer. Over his 30-year career spanning numerous restaurants worldwide as well as authoring 14 cookbooks and appearing on five TV series such as ‘Bill’s Kitchen.’ In January 2023 he was recognized with Australia’s highest honor – Medal of the Order of Australia – in recognition of his significant contributions in tourism and hospitality industry development.

Granger’s culinary ethos revolved around creating unpretentious food with special meaning and warmth for others to enjoy. His innovative breakfast approach earned him the title ‘King of Breakfast.’ Additionally, his influential efforts helped globalize informal and communal eating across Australia – a testament to both his creativity and vision in this realm of cuisine.

Was Bill Granger Married?

Was Bill Granger Married Granger and Natalie Elliott shared not only their personal life together but also professional success together. Starting in Australia in 1999, together they established an internationally successful restaurant chain beginning with Sydney then London then Greater Tokyo Osaka Fukuoka Seoul; each opening its own 19 restaurant. Together their passion for food united as they worked towards sharing it globally through 19 restaurants they opened together across these seven regions.

Does Bill Granger Have Any Children?

Bill Granger and Natalie were blessed with three daughters – Edie, Ines and Bunny – whom he doted upon. As an attentive husband and father, Bill’s family life was an essential component of his identity; his role as parent was interwoven with his professional commitments in running his global restaurant empire and other culinary ventures. Bill’s close bond with his daughters remains evident even today and their presence at his bedside during his final moments is a powerful testament of this.

Bill Granger Net Worth

Bill Granger was estimated to be worth approximately $10 Million USD at the time of his passing, thanks to a successful career as a chef, restaurateur, television personality and food writer. Granger’s restaurants renowned for inviting environments and innovative dishes were instrumental in building his wealth, while cookbooks and television series provided him with greater exposure. Granger combined his love for simple but delicious cuisine with keen business acumen into one incredible entrepreneur who not only brought incredible food experiences to many but was also successful entrepreneur himself.

Bill Granger Cause of Death

Bill Granger died tragically after only months of fighting cancer. The news of his passing was shared on Instagram by his family; he passed peacefully in London hospital with wife and daughters by his side, as his fight with it had only just begun. Granger left an immense mark on culinary world during short life span he lived; co-stars, fans, colleagues mourned his departure on Boxing Day 2023 as they remembered all he contributed while living and the positive influences on those around him.


Bill Granger lived a life filled with culinary exploration and innovation, particularly breakfast cuisine. His legacy transcends his accomplishments in the kitchen; it lives on in his family, friends, and countless guests who enjoyed his delicious dishes and hospitality. Granger left an indelible mark on culinary history through his approach of simple quality cooking that left an indelible mark in people’s memories – not only through his culinary abilities, but through all aspects of life that were touched by him such as husbanding fatherhood visionary chefship as he brought warmth and joy into each aspect of his life he brought into every aspect of his life he brought into every aspect of his life he brought warmth and joy into all aspects of his life he brought into every aspect of his life!

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